Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Download the newest version v0.1a (only 200Kb)

Newly added feature are:
1-You can now send your output to any program from Yahoo!Messenger to NotePad
2-Engine is now even more intelligent than before!
3-Bugs Fixed.

Download it Right Now!!!!!!
Please Check weakly for updates.

Thank you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Sunday, March 09, 2003


برنامه Finglish Translator - En2Fa براي تبديل فينگليشي به فارسي طراحي شده است.
استفاده از اين برنامه بسيار آسان است . همچنين اين برنامه قابل استفاده در Yahoo! messenger
و Yahoo! Mail و Blogger و ساير برنامه هاي مشابه ميباشد .

Finglish to Farsi Translator - En2Fa is designed to translate your finglish types into farsi words.
Using the programme is so easy and it could be used in Yahoo! Messenger , Yahoo Mail , Blogger and more !
The programme is already tested under Windows XP and .... Theres more to come soon !



barnameye Finglish to Farsi Translator - En2Fa baraye tabdile fingilishi be loghaate farsi tarahi shode ast.
estefadeh as in barnameh besyar asan mibashad . in barnameh ghabele estefadeh dar Yahoo! Messenger ,
Yahoo! Mail , Blogger va sayer barnameha mibashad . in barname dar mohite Windows XP test shode ast.
Montazer Taghirate Baadi bashid !