Thursday, May 01, 2003

Newest version has just arrived!!!!!!!
I have called it Advanced Finglish to Farsi Translator.
from this version support of Windows Me/98/95 is fully included,and i am going to make it a real program for all needs.
The most eye-catching feature is Full editor panels which from now you can have your typings in whatever color or font you like.
in this version you can only have font,color properties for your english typing words,not so usefull but i working on farsi texts too.

Thanx for your support till now.

نسخه جدید رسید!!!!!!
من اسمش رو گزاشتم Advanced Finglish to Farsi Translator
از این نسخه WINDOWS ME/98/95 هم کاملن حمایت میشوند.

متشکرم از کسانی که این برنامه را تست کردند و در درست تر شدنش کمک کردند