Monday, July 14, 2003

نسخه جدید داغه داغ رسید.
قابلیت ها زیر اضافه شده است :::

- کلی مشکل حل شد.
- میتوانید همکنون از نوشتیه خود عکس بگیرید و هر کجا که دوست دارید
از آن استفاده کنید.

New and Bug Fixed version 0.2a is now ready for downloading.

What NEW :::

- Now Drag-Drop selection of windows have more visual effect draw a rectangle around your selected window.
- Support for Capturing your Fingilish as Image,you can now copy as bitmap to clipboard or save it and use it anywhere!!!!!
- Saveing is now supported in these formats:: .rtf .txt .bmp .jpg .
- Settings Menu now is ready for use.
- Dictionary support added.Now you can add your own translation definitions.
- Now your Farsi typing can have the same properties(like color,font size,paraghraph justificationm,...) as your Fingilish one's.

- Fixed "Stack overflow" bug in Win98 (and maybe ME),beleive it was me not my fault but Microsoft's.
- Fixed a problem in pressing backspace and delete keys.
- Copy and Paste problem fixed.

- I accidentaly ruined my code for sending output to other windows,so expect some malfunctioning or problems,only solution is not to use it currently,i will fix it in merely coming weeks,so stay tuned.
- Dictionary is currently in alpha phase,so you might encounter problems.

Download it NOW

You can always download previous and smaller size version.

I am also working on En2Fa webpage,please come and visit it at